Why Use a Dog Crate – and Is Crate Training Cruel?


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This is the 2nd half to the Eight-part collection, ‘Crate coaching – The full information‘.

This second installment within the collection solutions the query: Why use a dog crate? by itemizing and discussing the numerous advantages utilizing a crate supplies for each you and your dog.

Later within the article I additionally tackle the query that involves most individuals’s minds after they first hear the thought of utilizing a crate: Is it merciless to crate a dog?

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Why Use A Dog Crate? What Are The Benefits Of Crate Training?

There are a massive variety of advantages to utilizing one for each you and your dog.

Let’s undergo the principle ones you and your dog can get pleasure from:

A Crate Provides A Feeling Of Safety And Security

By offering a crate and efficient coaching, your Labrador learns to see it as their very own particular place they know as their very own, the place they go to get away from issues for some peace and quiet, to chill out and sleep in peace.

It turns into a acquainted place the place they really feel secure and safe and as soon as correctly crate skilled, you’ll discover your dog will typically go to it of their very own accord as they study to like it there.

Nowhere else in your home can they really get away from issues as a result of there’ll all the time be folks stepping over and round them which isn’t what they need when on the lookout for peace and quiet or typically sleep.

A crate supplies them the safety they’re after when on the lookout for down time and is particularly essential in a home with kids the place dogs can discover it very exhausting to have any peaceable time away in any respect!

A Crate Provides Safety When You Cannot Supervise Your Dog

Crating your Labrador will preserve them secure once you can not supervise them for brief intervals of time. Especially helpful through the pet and adolescent phases after they can get into all types of bother if left alone.

For the quick time you’re within the bathtub or coping with a customer, inserting your lab in a crate will take away the opportunity of them chewing on issues or entering into unsafe locations when you’ll be able to’t have your eye on them.

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It’s a unhappy proven fact that a massive variety of dogs are injured (or worse) yearly as a consequence of chewing wires, consuming toxic substances or swallowing inedible overseas objects discovered mendacity across the dwelling.

They can’t do that from inside a crate.

Crating Speeds Up The House Training Process Dramatically

Wild dogs and wolves are born in dens the place they spend the primary few weeks of their lives. And dogs are born with a pure intuition to need to preserve their den the place they dwell and sleep, freed from feces and urine.

You can reap the benefits of this innate intuition to maintain their den clear to dramatically pace up the home coaching course of.

By preserving your pet within the crate for brief intervals of time, they study bladder and bowel management, to ‘hold it’ so long as they will whereas in there.

Then once you take away them from the crate they’re nearly sure to need to go rest room, so you’ll be able to immediately take them outdoors and they’ll be very eager to go.

This will show you how to to type a connection in your pet’s thoughts between ‘eliminating’ and being outdoors. And since you’ll be extra capable of catch them within the act, you will have extra alternatives to reward them for going to bathroom within the right place extra usually.

Also, for those who want to educate your Labrador pet to ‘eliminate on command’…and this may be very helpful for instances once you’re in a rush…then having the ability to predict after they’re going to go means you get extra alternatives to make use of the command and they’ll study it far faster and extra simply.

Finally, placing your pet to sleep in a crate in a single day takes benefit of their need to not soil their den to chop down dramatically on ‘accidents’ within the dwelling, stopping the unhealthy behavior of going to bathroom inside from ever forming.

Safer And Less Stressful Car Travel

51b5wd0WCBL - Why Use a Dog Crate – and Is Crate Training Cruel? Riding in automobiles might be extremely annoying and trigger concern in some dogs. It’s an unfamiliar, bizarre, bumpy and noisy surroundings the place they don’t have any management.

Also, a unfastened dog in a automobile is a very harmful distraction for a driver in the event that they’re free to climb round.

And if there may be an accident, even in comparatively low-speed crashes which wouldn’t usually pose a lot hazard, a unfastened dog could cause actual harm to passengers, particularly Labradors in the event that they weigh 60 kilos+ and slam into you from behind.

Finally, many dogs that survive accidents unscathed are then misplaced, injured or killed as a result of they’re disoriented after a crash and marvel off alone or into oncoming site visitors.

A crate cures all of those issues!

If your dog’s already comfy being crated, they’ll gladly trip in a single within the rear of your car.

Being of their acquainted and safe place reduces any stress or concern they could really feel, it prevents them distracting the motive force, and in case of an accident it stops them being a ‘flying danger’ to different passengers and prevents them wandering off so they’ll all the time be returned to you safely.

Making Air Travel As Comfortable As Possible

Though not almost as widespread as touring by automobile, a lot of dogs will journey by air at least once of their lives. And the one solution to fly is to have your dog in a crate within the maintain.

This actually might be a scary expertise, however one which’s made a lot simpler in the event that they’ve been successfully crate skilled and really feel secure and safe in a crate with acquainted gadgets of their very own for consolation.

Less Traumatic Time In Kennels Or Boarding

If you ever have to crate your Labrador in kennels while you journey, or have them quarantined earlier than journey themselves, the expertise might be far much less traumatic in the event that they’re accustomed to and comfy being confined in a comparatively small area.

Dogs which have by no means been crated that go into kennels for any purpose can discover the expertise extraordinarily scary and distressing.

By crate coaching your pet, you’re making ready them as greatest you’ll be able to for the long run chance of getting to board in kennels. And most dogs will want boarding in some unspecified time in the future of their lives.

Reinforce Chew Toy Habits And Protect Your Possessions

Puppy-hood is a time the place habits are shaped, each good and unhealthy. And once you depart your little Labrador pet alone they’ll discover issues to entertain themselves with, most of the time involving mouthing and chewing, forming unhealthy habits.

If they’re repeatedly capable of chew on footwear, slippers, wires or chair legs, the habits might be exhausting so that you can break and rectify in a while.

So when you’ll be able to’t supervise your pet for a quick whereas, crating them together with chew toys, particularly food-stuffed chew toys like a Kong for instance, means they received’t be capable to chew in your possessions and type these unhealthy habits.

On the opposite, they’ll slowly develop into fixated on the chew toys that you really want them to chew on as a result of they spend a lot time concerned with them.

Occasionally crating a pet with their toys is a nice solution to flip them into chew toy addicts and flip them away from habitually chewing in your belongings.

Just be sure you purchase one of the best indestructible dog toys you’ll find as labradors are little chewing machines!

You Can Use A Crate For Time Outs

Sometimes you could have to take away your dog from a scenario for a quick ‘time out’ to calm themselves down. For occasion in the event that they get over-excited when enjoying with kids, or get a little too bodily in a multi-dog family.

I’m not saying to ship your dog to the crate as a punishment, only for a 30 second to 2 minute outing. Not to lock them away!

You can do that with out inflicting your lab to hate the crate, as a result of you’ll by no means scold or punish your dog while they’re in there. Only by doing so will they start to hate it!

We’re speaking right here about calmly talking, taking them to the crate gently and closing them inside for simply a few quick minutes till they’re calm and can once more be launched.

When crate coaching has been really efficient, you’ll even have the power to inform your dog to crate themselves and they’ll accomplish that fairly fortunately.

You Can Use It As A Management Tool

Black labrador sitting - Why Use a Dog Crate – and Is Crate Training Cruel?

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When attempting to resolve habits issues…and let’s face it, most dogs develop one or two of their lives…The course of is often divided into the 2 components of ‘training’ and ‘management’.

The coaching side is the place you’re employed on fixing or re-directing the habits, the administration side is the place you forestall your dog from entering into conditions the place the issue habits happens, stopping it being bolstered and persevering with.

As an instance, let’s take a particularly boisterous Labrador that likes to leap up on folks after they first meet them.

The coaching side might be holding your Lab on the leash and asking folks to return close to, not letting your lab say howdy till they’re calm and relaxed, toes on the ground. This is coaching an alternate habits.

But what if an surprising customer involves your house? You can’t use these instances as coaching periods, but you don’t need your Lab leaping up and reinforcing the habits. You want to forestall it occurring.

So you handle the scenario by quickly crating your dog while the surprising customer is in your house, not permitting them the possibility to leap up.

Managing and coaching for drawback behaviors is one of the best technique to resolve them and a crate is a very useful gizmo on this course of.

Besides, I’m certain in case your dog might converse they’d say it’s much better they chill out a quick whereas in a crate and the unhealthy habits didn’t happen, fairly than you get indignant and they be punished for when it did 🙂

Prevent Bad Habits And Problem Behaviors Forming In The First Place

Effective use of a crate takes away the alternatives your dog has to do issues unsuitable and not be corrected.

If your dog is free to roam round unsupervised it would have all the probabilities on the earth to do one thing unsuitable and get away with it, by no means receiving correction for his or her error. And in the event that they aren’t corrected unhealthy habits could develop into behavior, or they could merely study they will do what they want once you’re not round to observe them.

In order to inform your dog they’ve achieved unsuitable and re-direct their habits, it’s a must to actually catch them within the act. It’s no good telling them off for one thing they did minutes in the past, they simply received’t perceive. And telling them off lengthy after the actual fact will simply make them assume you’re unreasonable, unstable and get indignant for no obvious purpose. This can injury your relationship and the respect they’ve for you.

But when your dog is crated for those who’re not there, but out of the crate and supervised when you’re, they’ll very hardly ever do something unsuitable that you simply don’t see and are capable of right and re-direct them for. So they received’t have the possibility to develop any unhealthy behaviors or study that they will do as they want once you’re not round.

This will massively assist them to become well-behaved and well-rounded dogs by maturity.

It Allows Your Puppy To Succeed More, Fail Less And Strengthens Your Relationship

The use of a crate as described above takes away a lot of the alternatives a pet would usually need to misbehave, get into bother and should be disciplined and re-directed.

This creates a better ratio of ‘happy positive experiences’ Vs ‘confused and negative’ experiences.

Your pet will succeed extra, get praised extra, scolded and advised off much less for doing unsuitable issues and this implies a happier dog, a happier you and a stronger relationship between the 2 of you.

Is Crate Training Cruel? Is It Cruel To Crate A Dog?

This relies upon solely in your intentions. How, when and why you employ one and the way you practice your dog to make use of it.


Black lab in crate - Why Use a Dog Crate – and Is Crate Training Cruel?

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In the good debate of ‘cruel Vs kind’, numerous folks argue that a crate is a cage is a jail. It’s inhumane and causes psychological hurt to a dog.

A crate in itself isn’t merciless, however folks might be merciless in the best way they misuse it…and I stress the phrase MISUSE.’

If you have been to lock your dog away for 16 hours a day, 5 days a week for 12 years, then sure you’ll be merciless and could cause your dog psychological hurt. I’ll say that once more, YOU can be merciless, not the crate, it’s simply the instrument you’ll have chosen to misuse for cruelty.

A leash and collar is merciless for those who use it to tether your dog alone to a put up 16 hours a day, or drag and yank them about by their necks when on walks.

But used appropriately, a leash and collar is a useful gizmo for the protection and administration of your dog that advantages each of you.

And assume, no dog likes a collar and leash once you first attempt to put it on them. You spend time along with your dog to acclimatize them to a leash and collar, so that they study to simply accept it and actually don’t hate all of it. You then use them appropriately for the profit and security of your dog.

It’s the identical cope with a crate. You need to spend time to acclimatize your dog to a crate, educate them to simply accept and even like it, and you then use it appropriately (and sparingly) for the protection and good thing about your dog.

Note: Most of the damaging perspective in direction of using a dog crate appears to return from campaigns by PETA. The falsity of their claims is mentioned and partly debunked by Stanley Coren, Ph.D., F.R.S.C within the following article: The Politics of Pet Dogs and Kennel Crates

But Doesn’t Crating Cause Psychological Problems?

All of the psychological issues the critics say crating causes are a direct results of misusing the crate as a punishment instrument and for inhumane long-term confinement and isolation.

Separation anxiousness, obsessive habits like licking and chewing, melancholy, withdrawal, incapacity to bond with people, muscular atrophy – these might after all be the outcome for those who locked your dog away alone for 16 hours a day, 5 days a week, with no interplay, no train, no life.

But a dog ought to solely ever be crated for a few hours per day at most, and some days in no way.

The crate is most helpful for administration and coaching through the pet and adolescent phases of life, and as most dogs attain maturity and develop into expert at dwelling in a human world, after we’ve correctly skilled what’s anticipated of them, the crate is required much less and much less.

But till then, the typical Labrador sleeps 14 hours+ a day anyway, so spending a few of these asleep in a place the place they really feel secure and safe doesn’t trigger any issues in any respect.

And for the overwhelming majority of their lives, your dog will spend high quality time with you as a cherished, revered and wished member of your loved ones. Not locked away inhumanely. It’s solely the individual that may be merciless by utilizing a crate incorrectly, not the crate itself that’s merciless.

After correct coaching, you’ll even discover your dog retreating to their crate of their very own accord, as a result of they study to like it as their very own little comfy, secure and safe place of relaxation.

The ‘Dogs Are Den Animals’ Defense of Using A Crate

Wolves - Why Use a Dog Crate – and Is Crate Training Cruel?

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Many folks argue that crating a dog is pure, as a result of dogs descend from wolves and wolves are den animals. Therefore to den is in a dogs nature.

By offering a crate we’re interesting to their pure denning intuition and giving them what they need.

This is barely partly true as Wolves and wild dogs solely den throughout specific instances of life:

An expectant mom will create a den to offer beginning and dwell in along with her pups for the primary weeks of their lives.
Puppies are born into and dwell in dens till they’re absolutely weened and then use the den as a base to discover from. But as they develop they spend much less and much less time in a den earlier than ultimately leaving it fully.
Sick or injured dogs will search out a den for a feeling of security and safety to convalesce, get themselves higher or on the finish of their life, lie all the way down to die.

For the remainder of their lives, wolves and wild dogs very hardly ever if ever use a den.

The identical is true for domesticated dogs. They will naturally den as moms and puppies, search out a den like space in the event that they’re sick or injured, however wouldn’t naturally use a den at different instances of life. We have to coach them to like and need to be of their crate at different instances.

Also, there are after all variations between a den and a crate. Both supply a feeling of security and safety in a small enclosed area, however just one might be fully closed.

But after profitable coaching, dogs in crates can really feel completely comfy and present no indicators of misery with the door to their ‘den’ being closed and they fortunately go to the crate themselves to chill out and to sleep.

So there may be some reality to the ‘dogs are den animals’ argument, but it surely’s not the entire story. What is true although is dogs are naturally predisposed to denning at sure instances of life, so coaching them to make use of a den at different instances isn’t exhausting or distressing for them. It’s a acquainted scenario and with efficient crate coaching, the overwhelming majority of dogs take to it naturally.

A Recommended List Of Dog Crates

If after studying this lengthy record of advantages that crate coaching can present for each you and your dog, you want to give it a go. Be certain to learn the remainder of the articles in my crate coaching collection that you may see linked to on the backside of this web page.

And for a hand picked record of one of the best and most extremely rated dog crates accessible, please click on right here.


By offering a crate and endeavor efficient coaching, you and your Labrador can benefit from the many advantages I’ve described above.

But a crate have to be used appropriately and humanely as a place you educate your dog to like and use for peace and quiet, a place you employ to restrict them for security, however NOT a place to imprison them for punishment, for whole days or simply to ‘keep them out of the way.’

Being repeatedly locked away for prolonged intervals of time is a depressing and remoted lifestyle. This isn’t what a crate is for and that is when it’s merciless! If you even take into account this right, if you should lock your dog away for many of each day, then possibly you shouldn’t have a dog in any respect?

You ought to solely have a dog since you need to share a life with them, spend high quality time with them and do one of the best for them that you simply probably can. A crate matches into this ideally suited.

It is a instrument you employ for the advantage of your dog, to assist them match into a human life and household extra simply while offering them a little place of their very own for consolation and safety.

More info:

This was half 2 in an Eight-part collection that particulars every part you should learn about using a crate and crate coaching your pet. The info applies equally nicely to dogs of all breeds and not simply Labradors.

The Entire collection is linked to right here:

I’ve tried to cowl actually each query I might think about on dog crates and crate coaching within the article collection above, however after all it’s exhausting to cowl each query that folks could probably have.

So if there’s something you should know however can not discover a solution for above, please be happy to depart your questions within the feedback part under and I’ll fortunately give all the assistance I can 🙂

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why use a dog crate is it cruel - Why Use a Dog Crate – and Is Crate Training Cruel?

why use a dog crate is it cruel - Why Use a Dog Crate – and Is Crate Training Cruel?

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