Why Do Dogs Lick Their Paws And How To Stop It


One of the most typical questions that come up from dog homeowners is, “Why do dogs lick their paws?” and “How can I stop my dog from licking his paws?” Quite a lot of dog homeowners have a tendency to fret that this may be a medical drawback, however earlier than you bounce into any conclusion, it’s best to first perceive why do dogs lick their paws and whether it is the truth is associated to a medical situation.

The very first thing it’s best to establish is whether or not or not it is a “normal behavior” or is that this one thing new? This is essential as a result of whether it is certainly a brand new conduct, then it may very well be medical associated, whereas in case your dog likes to lick his paws on a regular basis, then it may very well be simply his nature.

There may be many the explanation why dogs lick their paws, however let’s begin off with the most typical ones.

The most typical one is an allergy associated drawback. This is frequent if it’s a new conduct and it does relate to medical ultimately.

A meals allergy will trigger your dog to itch and subsequently lick their paws. If that is the case, then it’s best to test if a change in food regimen may remedy it.

Another motive may very well be due to an an infection within the paws. Dogs are likely to lick their paws when there may be some type of irritation of their paws. If that is the case, it’s best to take your dog to the closest vet. to see in case your vet can prescribe some treatment to assist with this.

The final most typical motive if there may be nothing mistaken is that it may very well be only a conduct situation. This may be behavior associated as a result of some dogs are likely to develop dangerous habits resembling licking their paws over time as they age.

As talked about above, step one is to diagnose the issue and see what’s inflicting it. Usually, an area vet will do a primary examination that consists of the next to find out the problem.

Tape preparation cytology – This is to get some samples from the paws to see if there’s any kind of an infection associated to it.
Skin biopsy – This is a much less frequent technique to diagnose the issue, however a vet may carry out this with the intention to resolve the problem.

Depending on the outcomes, your vet may advocate one of many following to cease your dog from licking their paw.

Change in food regimen, normally by swapping out your dog’s present protein consumption with one other model.
Provide your dog with some flea and tick treatment to see if the irritation is attributable to flees.

If not one of the above works, a vet would normally do a extra in-depth blood check to see what’s inflicting the issue inside the system. This will take an in-depth take a look at your dog’s food regimen.

Certain breeds appear to undergo from paw issues a bit greater than others. Among these breeds are Labrador retrievers, terriers of every kind, poodles, Chihuahuas and Maltese. These breeds are extra liable to licking their paws as a behavior. Compulsiveness is usually linked to your pet’s particular person genetics.

If your dog has been licking his paws for some time and also you don’t discover any kind of recent rashes or bumps, then it’s nothing to fret about. Keeping your dog busy with different strategies may very well be an answer for this. This may very well be taking it out for a stroll extra usually or taking part in fetch with it.

They can’t be fully cured, however many issues may be finished to make the conduct much less of an issue normally by distracting them with another exercise.

Another factor it’s best to be aware of is whether or not or not your dog is just licking one among his paws or all of them? If it’s just one single paw, then the issue might lie inside simply that particular paw. This is normally tied to a medical associated drawback.

Other options embrace conserving a diary of when your dog tends to lick their paws. Does this normally happen when you find yourself grooming them? Or does this occur while you stroll them in a park stuffed with a number of grass? This might help you construct a greater understanding of what’s inflicting your dog to lick their paws.

Once you’ve recognized the rationale behind it, you may check a number of options to see which one works greatest.

Has its common exercise stage modified? Does it limp or seem stiff? If the issue happens throughout your absence, does damaging or weird conduct additionally happen throughout these occasions? All these are questions that it’s best to remember when writing a journal or diary on when your dog licks his paws.

One of the issues that you just may want to fret about is that if it’s a fungal associated situation. Dogs in good common well being virtually by no means get bacterial or fungal foot infections out of nowhere. Usually, in case your dog develops any kind of fungal an infection it’s as a result of it was handed down by their dad and mom or transmitted from different dogs.

Most of the time, the remedy for that is fairly easy and it could simply require easy antibiotics.

To conclude, it is very important preserve monitor of when your dog tends to lick their paws. This will assist you to boil all the way down to a greater answer for him.

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