Understanding Dog Skin Allergies and How to Help Your Poor Pooch


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Is your dog suffering from itching and scratching? Does your pup consistently lick and chew their rear finish, paws, or tail? Welcome to the world of hard-to-diagnose, hard-to-treat canine pores and skin issues.

Itchy pores and skin is commonly attributable to allergic reactions. It’s simply as usually attributable to dandruff, dry pores and skin, fleas, mites, or parasites.

You’ve in all probability landed on this text as a result of your dog’s pores and skin allergic reactions are making you a bit of loopy and you don’t know what to do about it, so let’s leap proper in and see if we are able to make issues higher for you and your dog.

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What Causes Skin Problems in Dogs?

Your dog is itching and scratching, however that doesn’t all the time imply they’ve a pores and skin allergy. In reality, some dogs itch for no purpose in any respect. When your dog’s scratching, licking, and biting turns into extreme, although, it’s time to take motion.

The basic time period for canine pores and skin issues is pruritus, which merely signifies that one thing is inflicting your dog to scratch, chew, or lick at their pores and skin to ease discomfort.

All sorts of issues may very well be inflicting your dog’s pores and skin to be itchy and irritated. These are a few of the extra frequent causes of pruritus.

Fleas – Flea infestations must be dominated out earlier than the rest. They are simple to detect and comparatively simple to remove (in most conditions). Fleas will usually disguise the place it’s heat and darkish, so examine the world round your dog’s collar, armpits, and the groin. You also can use a flea comb to hunt for flea eggs, which appear to be small bits of dust in your dog’s fur. If you do discover indicators of fleas, take steps to eliminate them earlier than you do the rest.
Mites – Like fleas, mites reside in your dog’s coat and have the potential to wreak havoc on the pores and skin. Cheyletiella mite infestations are sometimes known as “walking dandruff” as a result of until you’re looking beneath a magnifying glass, it seems to be such as you’re coping with a case of extreme dandruff. Cheyletiella mites are transferrable to different dogs, cats, and people, however may be eradicated with a number of functions of a pyrethrin shampoo. The Sarcoptic mite is an altogether totally different beast, inflicting what is often referred to as scabies or crimson mange. Mange is commonly misdiagnosed as a result of the mites reside and feed beneath your dog’s pores and skin.
Dry Skin – Dry pores and skin in dogs is one other frequent pores and skin situation, particularly when you reside in an space with low humidity. Dry pores and skin can be very simple to detect and deal with. This situation is characterised by cracked, robust pores and skin, flakes of dandruff within the fur, and pores and skin that could be very delicate to the contact. Dry pores and skin may be attributable to environmental elements, and additionally by a weight-reduction plan of low-cost, industrial dog meals, which doesn’t usually present the important oil and vitamins that contribute to wholesome pores and skin. It is essential to feed your dog a high-quality dog meals to forestall dry pores and skin and keep a lustrous coat.
Skin Infections – Dogs who spend a whole lot of time open air, like Labradors, are prone to pyoderma, which is a lower, scrape, or one other wound that turns into contaminated. To make issues extra difficult, dogs who’ve allergic reactions are extra prone to bacterial infections. Veterinary remedy for pyoderma contains antibiotics and topical lotions.
Allergies – The above pores and skin issues are often dominated out earlier than tackling the potential for allergic reactions as a result of allergic reactions are so exhausting to diagnose and deal with. Once a prognosis of allergic dermatitis is made, you may start working towards discovering the trigger and the remedy for the allergic response.

How Does an Allergic Reaction Work?

Your dog’s physique considers an allergen to be a international invader. When your dog is uncovered to this invader, their immune system begins producing antibodies to shield them.

These antibodies stay within the system. Like little guard dogs, they’re all the time looking out for the presence of the international allergen. When the antibodies alert the immune system to the presence of an allergen, your dog’s immune system will kick into overdrive, releasing histamines, which is able to provoke an inflammatory response.

It’s the irritation that causes your dog to itch and scratch, which in flip causes wounds, hair loss, and extra itching.

While all that is triggered by the preliminary allergen, it turns into a endless cycle of irritation, scratching, and discomfort on your dog.

What are the Allergens that Cause Dog Skin Allergies?

This is the million-dollar query — one which has been researched and studied for years.

The fact is that almost something can set off an allergic response in dogs – mud, grass, meals elements and preservatives, drugs, micro organism, mildew, pollen.

All of this stuff (and many extra) may be culprits.

Testing for Allergic Reactions in Dogs

Your veterinarian can take a look at to see whether or not your dog has atopy, which is attributable to allergens current within the surroundings which are both inhaled or come into contact together with your dog’s pores and skin.

Allergy exams will assist establish particular allergens that could be inflicting your dog to scratch. Allergy exams usually are not usually carried out to take a look at for meals allergic reactions.

How is an Allergy Test Performed?

Your veterinarian will usually select both intradermal pores and skin testing or serum allergy testing to work out what your dog is allergic to.

Intradermal pores and skin testing is most frequently carried out by a veterinary dermatologist, who will inject small quantities of frequent allergens into your dog’s pores and skin to set off a response. Your dog will solely present a response to issues they’re allergic to, and the severity of the response will correlate to the severity of their “real life” allergic response at dwelling.

Serum allergy testing is carried out in a laboratory utilizing a blood pattern out of your dog. It can even establish allergens and the severity of the response.

Using The Elimination Method to Understand Your Dog’s Food Allergies

If you assume that your dog could also be allergic or delicate to a meals ingredient, one of the simplest ways to discover the offender is with an elimination weight-reduction plan.

Commercial pet meals have a whole bunch of elements, so it may be tough to discover the one allergen within the combine. Of course, there are frequent culprits, which is able to assist take out a few of the guesswork.

The most typical meals allergens are:

Sugar beets
Meat by-products
Cheap fillers

The elimination weight-reduction plan consists of a trial interval by which you expose your pet to meals one after the other to rule out potential allergens.

You ought to start with meals which are thought-about “hypoallergenic,” which suggests they aren’t broadly identified to trigger sensitivities. Feed your dog a few elements at a time for per week, making a notice of what they’re consuming and any reactions that happen.

You don’t have to use dog meals for the elimination weight-reduction plan. In reality, it’s going to in all probability be simpler when you put together contemporary elements from scratch so no synthetic preservatives are launched.

A Sample Elimination Diet Using Hypoallergenic Ingredients

Note: Just as a result of a supply of meals is taken into account hypoallergenic doesn’t rule out the likelihood that it’ll trigger an allergy in your dog. Dogs all have their distinctive immune methods, and hypoallergenic elements are simply a place to begin.

Week One: Cooked floor bison combined with mashed candy potatoes.
Week Two: If itching persists, change out the bison for cooked floor turkey. If the itching subsides or stops, you may add these two elements to your “safe” listing.
Week Three: If itching persists, change out the turkey for cooked white fish. You also can swap out the candy potatoes for millet.
Week Four: Continue to change elements one after the other, including meals to the “safe” listing if the itching goes away. At this level, you may also add in some cooked greens like kale, broccoli, or spinach. Be certain to notice any sensitivities to new meals as you introduce them.

Using an Elimination Diet with Commercial Food

Hypoallergenic industrial dog meals will use elements that don’t generally trigger allergic reactions in dogs.

High-quality hypoallergenic meals can even have fewer elements, making it simpler to discover potential allergens. Here’s an article about our favourite hypoallergenic industrial dog meals.

When you select a industrial dog meals, ensure to feed your dog ONLY that meals for a full week. You should guarantee that they don’t get desk scraps, biscuits, or different treats to ensure that the weight-reduction plan to achieve success.

Make notice of your dog’s reactions every day, and whether or not the itching worsens or subsides. If your dog’s pores and skin issues don’t go away, make an inventory of all of the elements and add them to a “potential allergen” listing earlier than switching to one other model of meals.

If your dog’s itching disappears, you may add the elements to your dog’s “safe” listing. Of course, when you discover a industrial meals that eliminates your dog’s itching, you may take into account the issue solved and change your dog’s weight-reduction plan.

Treating Skin Allergies in Dogs

Short of completely eliminating the allergen out of your dog’s surroundings or weight-reduction plan, there’s no treatment for allergic reactions.

Whether or not you’ve found out the reason for your dog’s discomfort, you may take steps to alleviate the issue. From easy life-style adjustments to complicated medical therapies, listed here are some suggestions for treating and soothing your dog’s itchy pores and skin.

How to Ease Your Dog’s Discomfort

Give your dog digestive enzymes – You can add digestive enzymes to your dog’s meals to assist with the absorption of vitamins. This will assist strengthen your dog’s digestive tract and enable it to soak up fluids extra simply, contributing to elevated moisture ranges within the pores and skin.
Try antihistamines – Antihistamines, like Benadryl, can alleviate allergic reactions in some conditions. If you determine to strive Benadryl, bear in mind that there are some delicate unwanted side effects. Always comply with the advice of your veterinarian. We lined the professionals and cons of giving your dog Benadryl on this article.
Feed a high-quality industrial dog meals.
Always present contemporary consuming water.
Launder your dog’s bedding weekly – This will assist forestall parasites, together with the build-up of dander.
Check for fleas regularly

Medical Treatments for Dog Allergies

Your veterinarian might advocate one of many following therapies to assist together with your dog’s itchy pores and skin:

Immunotherapy – This remedy works effectively for dogs who’re allergic to inhalants or antigens that come into contact with the pores and skin. It should be used along with intradermal pores and skin testing. Once the allergens have been confirmed, your veterinary dermatologist can desensitize your dog to the allergen by injecting an altered, weekend model into the pores and skin. It’s a time-consuming remedy. Shots are often administered weekly over the course of a number of months. The success charge, nonetheless, is as excessive as 80%.
Cyclosporine – This remedy can be utilized efficiently for seasonal allergic reactions or different sorts of atopy.
Steroids – Steroids will assist relieve excessive itching and irritation, however they do have quick and long-term unwanted side effects. They must be used sparingly and reserved for very severe circumstances.
Oclacitinib – This is a comparatively new remedy that reveals promise for treating allergic reactions to fleas, meals, and environmental allergic reactions. It works by decreasing the manufacturing of cytokines within the dog’s immune system. Cytokines assist cells talk with one another and promote itching and irritation in dogs who’ve allergic reactions. Read extra about Oclacitinib on Pet MD.

Natural Treatments for Dog Skin Allergies

If you need to keep away from prescription drugs or are treating a dog with minor pores and skin issues, you may strive a few of these pure cures to ease your dog’s discomfort.

Vitamin E – If your dog has small downside spots, you may open up a vitamin E capsule and therapeutic massage it into the pores and skin. This will moisturize, alleviate a few of the itching, and assist forestall an infection.
Aloe Vera – This plant is often used to soothe sunburn in people, however it’s simply as helpful when treating pores and skin circumstances in dogs. If you may have an aloe vera plant, merely lower off a leaf and squeeze out the gel to rub in your dog’s dry pores and skin. If you purchase industrial aloe vera, ensure that aloe vera is the primary ingredient, and steer clear of harsh chemical substances.
Calendula Tea Compresses – Calendula flowers have been used to deal with pores and skin circumstances for hundreds of years. Steep the dried flowers in scorching water to make a robust tea. Apply the cooled tea instantly to downside areas utilizing a washcloth. You also can by calendula salves and sprays commercially.
Epsom Salt Soak – This is useful for paws which are crimson and uncooked. Fill a bath with heat water and just a few tablespoons of Epsom salt. Have your dog stand within the water for soothing aid.
Coconut Oil – Adding a little bit of coconut oil to your dog’s meals will preserve their coat tender and supple.

Final Thoughts on Dealing with Dog Skin Allergies

Diagnosing and treating dog pores and skin allergic reactions is a posh and tough process, however with persistence and perseverance, it will likely be a life changer on your dog.

Once you recognize what’s inflicting the issue, treating pores and skin issues turns into a lot simpler. No matter what’s inflicting your dog’s itching, scratching, licking, and biting, you may deal with painful pores and skin issues.

Take steps as we speak to heal your dog by working carefully together with your dog’s veterinarian and selling optimum well being with life-style adjustments and pure therapies. Your dog will thanks.


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