Marijuana Toxicity in Dogs


Last fall I moved to Portland, Oregon, the place marijuana is authorized. Though I don’t use marijuana, I’ve develop into very vigilant to make sure my dogs don’t ever get uncovered to it. Marijuana toxicity in dogs is a priority that has been heightened for me after seeing a number of buddies’ dogs require emergency medical therapy for publicity over the previous few months. With extra communities throughout the nation legalizing marijuana, your dogs could also be uncovered even in the event you personally don’t partake, and it’s vital to know what to do.

Dr. Tina Wismer, DVM, MS, DABVT, DABT, is the Medical Director of the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center. She explains that dogs don’t reply properly to tetrahydrocannabinol – THC – which is the chemical accountable for most of marijuana’s psychological affect.

Dr. Wismer cautions that, “Since [dogs] have a smaller body size and no sense of portion control, a dog can ingest a very large dose of marijuana all at once.” This threat is exacerbated by the prevalence of cannabis-infused meals merchandise in marijuana-friendly communities.

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Symptoms of Marijuana Toxicity in Dogs

The signs of marijuana toxicity will range primarily based on the dog, however common signs in dogs embody despair, vomiting, urinary incontinence, ataxia (wobbliness), tremors, stupor, and bradycardia (sluggish coronary heart fee). However, Dr. Wismer explains about 25% of dogs uncovered to hashish will develop into stimulated as a substitute of depressed and present agitation and excessive coronary heart fee. Dogs with extreme marijuana toxicity can develop low blood stress and coma.

How Much Marijuana Will Make A Dog Sick?

Dr. Wismer advises that the dimensions of your dog and the type of marijuana ingested decide how sick they’ll get. She cautions that hashish concentrates akin to these used in “edibles” are way more regarding than plant materials relating to dogs, particularly if chocolate is concerned.

Precautions for Possible Marijuana Exposure

If you reside in an space the place marijuana is authorized, and/or in the event you or somebody in your family chooses to partake in leisure or medicinal use, Dr. Wismer advises one of the simplest ways to guard your dog from a critical emergency is to, “make sure any product containing marijuana is out of paws’ reach at all times. Products in the form of an edible are especially dangerous as they often contain sugar and chocolate, which is also poisonous to pets.”

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Dr. Wismer advises that dog guardians ought to deal with marijuana identical to another drug or chemical – one thing that all the time stays out of their attain.

Talk concerning the risks of marijuana and dogs to any home company that may keep at your property. Ensure that dog walkers are conscious of the dangers. And as all the time, be vigilant about what your dogs are selecting up on walks or at parks, as these are conditions in which they may encounter discarded joints or different substances.

What to Do if Your Dog Consumes Marijuana

“If you suspect that your pet has ingested marijuana, call your veterinarian immediately,” says Dr. Wismer. She additionally suggests calling the Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) at (888) 426-4435. You might be requested to explain your dog’s signs, how a lot marijuana they ingested (if you understand) and your dog’s dimension and weight to find out if quick therapy is critical.

Treating Dogs for Marijuana Toxicity

“If a dog hasn’t consumed a lot, the general treatment is to provide supportive care, including IV fluids to keep them hydrated and help flush the drug out of their system,” Dr. Wismer explains.

In extreme instances of marijuana toxicity, veterinarians will present lipid remedy by means of an IV. “Fat molecules bind with the THC in the pet’s bloodstream, allowing the body to shed a large quantity of the chemical faster,” says Dr. Wismer.

Most dogs who’ve been uncovered to marijuana will recuperate with supportive care, although Dr. Wismer cautions there have been a couple of reported deaths in dogs who ingested concentrated marijuana merchandise.

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CBD for Dogs: Isn’t That Weed Too?

Dog treats and dietary supplements containing CBD, or cannabidiol, have gotten more and more widespread. Though CBD and THC are each derived from hashish, CBD doesn’t have any of the mind-altering properties that THC does.

Caroline Coile, PhD, is a author and canine researcher who penned the e book, Cannabis and CBD Science for Dogs. She has not heard of any reported instances of dogs overdosing with CBD merchandise. She explains that CBD is mostly used with dogs to deal with anxiousness, arthritis, irritation and seizures, however has many different potential makes use of akin to for autoimmune problems, bone fractures, most cancers, colitis, nausea and diabetes.

Coile emphasizes how dog homeowners mustn’t confuse CBD with marijuana (which usually accommodates each THC and CBD, amongst many different chemical substances), and that CBD doesn’t get a dog excessive. She additionally states that CBD is, “probably the biggest breakthrough in a new class of drugs we’ve have in decades.”

On the opposite hand, Dr. Wismer says, “CBD products should not contain any mind-altering substances. However, we have seen dogs develop the same signs as THC ingestion after ingesting CBD-only products. As these products are not regulated, it could possibly be a quality control issue.”

Regarding the standard management of hashish merchandise, Dr. Wismer went on to elucidate that, “In one study looking at human products, 75 products were evaluated to determine the amount of cannabidiol and THC they contained. The results indicated that only 17% of products were accurately labeled, 23% were under-labeled and 60% were over-labeled with respect to THC content.”

If you’re going to use CBD merchandise together with your dog, a whole lot of the analysis will fall to you and your vet to seek out firms and merchandise that you simply really feel comfy with.

Unfortunately, there stay some unknowns. “This is certainly an area where more studies are needed to determine what the correct dose of CBD is for certain medical indications (anxiety, pain, etc.),” advises Dr. Wismer.

Sassafras Lowreyis an award-winning creator and Certified Trick Dog Instructor. Sassafras’ forthcoming books embody Tricks IN THE CITY: For Daring Dogs and the Humans That Love Them, Healing/Heelingand Bedtime Stories for Rescue Dogs: William To The Rescue.



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