How to Potty Train Your Dog in 7 Days | Super Awesome Dogs


Potty coaching your dog could be a irritating process however persistence and consistency will be nice instruments for a greater potty coaching expertise.

Training Tips:

1) When you are taking your dog out to go to potty strive taking them to the identical spot.

This will assist train your dog that that is the place they need to go. After they do go, make certain to give them a number of reward and love to allow them to know they did a superb factor.

2) Refrain from utilizing pee pads they are often complicated to your dog.

Pee pads could lead to them peeing on the carpet or blankets. You ought to all the time make time to take them exterior since you need to train them to solely go exterior.

three) Puppy crates are a constructive factor to your dog; it’s like their room or den. It is their area!

Refrain from utilizing the crate as a means to punish your pet. When they’re in the crate be attentive to your dog look ahead to warning indicators that they want to exit.

four) Accidents Happen! You ought to solely scold or punish them for those who catch them in the act.

Punishing your dog afterwards or rubbing their nostril in their mess will be very complicated to your dog.

If you comply with the following pointers you need to be in your means to having a potty educated pup in 7 days!




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