Can Dogs Eat Pomegranate


Pomegranates are thought-about a superfood for people. They’re loaded with helpful nutritional vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Because they’re such a wholesome deal with for people, many dog homeowners surprise if they’ll share their pomegranate with their furry buddies.

Is it secure to offer dogs a pomegranate?

Can Dogs Eat Pomegranate?

Technically, dogs can eat pomegranate. It’s not poisonous or toxic to canines. But it’s not the best choice, at the same time as an occasional deal with. 

Yes, this fruit does have many dietary advantages. It’s an ideal supply of folic acid, potassium, fiber, antioxidants and vitamin C (which your dog could make on his personal).

The Potential Side Effects of Feeding Dogs Pomegranate

Here’s the issue with pomegranate: it may give your dog a stomachache.

Fruits typically don’t agree with canine digestive programs. They’re simply not constructed do digest and take in fruits. A small quantity of pomegranate will most likely be okay, nevertheless it’s simple to overdo it with this distinctive fruit.

If you serve your dog an excessive amount of pomegranate, he might wind up with an upset abdomen. Even people often expertise some type of gastrointestinal upset when consuming this fruit. It wouldn’t be stunning if the pomegranate made your dog really feel nauseous or precipitated stomach ache.

What’s the take care of pomegranates? Why have they got this impact on dogs?

Because this fruit is excessive in tannins, one other sort of antioxidant that’s generally present in tea. It’s chargeable for the fruit’s astringent style, nevertheless it’s additionally recognized to offer dogs digestive points.

Pomegranate Extract

If you need your pup to take pleasure in the advantages of pomegranates with out the stomach troubles, you would possibly take into account giving him pomegranate extract.

One examine discovered that giving canines the extract of this fruit offered sturdy cytoprotective and antioxidant actions in canine endothelial cells. Simply put, the extract produced an antioxidant impact that will assist combat free radical injury.

What About Pomegranate Seeds?

The seeds of the pomegranate include the scrumptious juice that we love and luxuriate in. Can you feed these seeds to your dog? As a dog proprietor, you’re most likely cautious of any meals that incorporates seeds as a result of most include cyanide (which is poisonous to dogs).

Pomegranate seeds are completely different. Yes, dogs can eat them, nevertheless it’s essential to go at a gradual tempo to stop choking. 

The Bottom Line

Pomegranates should not poisonous to dogs, however they’ll simply trigger digestive misery in canines. For this cause, it’s finest to solely feed your pup very small quantities of this fruit and solely from time to time.



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