Can Dogs Eat Mango


Tropical fruits like mango are a scrumptious deal with any time of yr, however particularly on a sizzling summer season day. You could also be questioning whether or not you may share this fruit together with your dog. Some fruits are secure and even wholesome for dogs, whereas others are harmful.

Is it secure for dogs to eat mangoes?

Can Dogs Eat Mango?

Yes, dogs can eat mango – however solely sure components of the fruit. The delicate flesh of the fruit is ok to eat, however you’ll need to keep away from feeding your dog the pit and the pores and skin.

The pores and skin is technically edible and non-toxic, however it may be arduous to your pup to digest it. 

The Health Benefits of Mango

The fleshy a part of the mango could be a wholesome deal with for dogs when fed carefully. 

Mangoes are a wealthy supply of nutritional vitamins A, C, Okay and B6. They’re additionally an ideal supply of magnesium, potassium and fiber. The vitamins discovered on this tropical fruit can:

Prevent pores and skin infections
Give your dog an power increase
Improve your dog’s eyesight
Help preserve a wholesome electrolyte stability
Boost your pup’s immune system
Improve digestive well being

When are Mangoes Bad for Dogs?

Mangoes could be a wholesome deal with for dogs, however they may also be harmful when you feed your pup the incorrect components of the fruit. 

Here’s one thing it’s possible you’ll not know: the mango plant is definitely a member of the poison ivy household. Urushiol, a chemical compound present in poison ivy, can also be discovered within the mango pores and skin in addition to the inexperienced components of the plant. Urushiol could cause an immune hypersensitivity response, which might result in dermatitis. So, if the pores and skin or inexperienced components of the plant contact your dog’s pores and skin, it may trigger an allergic response. 

The pit or seed of the mango can also be harmful. Not solely is it a choking hazard, however the pit additionally accommodates cyanide which is poisonous to each dogs and folks. Slightly little bit of cyanide most likely gained’t harm your dog, however consuming a single put may result in cyanide poisoning. 

Plus, the pit also can trigger bowel obstruction which requires an emergency vet go to. 

The best solution to cut back the danger of those unwanted side effects is to just be sure you’re solely feeding your dog the fleshy a part of the fruit – not the pores and skin, pit or different plant components.

One easy solution to be sure that your dog eats mangoes in a secure, wholesome manner is to purchase frozen mango chunks. Simply defrost a small serving, and feed it to your pup as a deal with. Frozen mangoes are freed from skins, pits and plant components.



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