Can Dogs Eat Clementines


Clementines are the smallest member of the mandarin household. This candy and seedless fruit is usually marketed as “sweeties” or “cuties”

Clementines are very simple to peel, very candy and juicy, making them a scrumptious meals for people, however what about fido? Are clementines secure for dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Clementines

Clementines include round 87% water content material and are excessive in:

Vitamin C

Clementines aren’t poisonous to dogs, that means they’re secure to be consumed in small portions. A serving of 2-Three segments is greater than sufficient.

Some dogs is not going to eat this fruit because of the citric acid content material, however many will greater than fortunately eat as a lot a you’ll give them. Citric acid could cause abdomen upsets in dogs, this is without doubt one of the causes a small serving of this fruit is beneficial.

The excessive sugar content material is another excuse why dogs ought to solely eat small portions of this fruit. Excess sugar consumption can result in many well being points with dogs.

The peel additionally must be averted because the dogs digestive system will wrestle to deal with it!

Whenever feeding a brand new meals merchandise like fruit to your dog, it’s at all times greatest to observe them for some time afterwards to make sure they aren’t having any adversarial reactions. 

In abstract – can dogs eat clementines: Yes 2-Three segments as an occasional deal with must be no drawback. This fruit isn’t poisonous to dogs, however some is not going to eat it anyway. Avoid the peel!

If you’ve got any considerations about your dogs well being, or questions on introducing new meals into their weight loss program, seek the advice of your native certified veterinarian. 




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