Can Dogs Eat Cherries


Cherries are a tart and engaging deal with for people. We eat them in pies, as toppings on desserts and recent as an on-the-go snack. If you’re keen on cherries, you could need to share some together with your dog. But is it secure? Can dogs eat this fruit?

Can Dogs Eat Cherries?

No. Technically, the flesh of the cherry just isn’t poisonous to dogs and truly comprises helpful vitamins like nutritional vitamins A and C, antioxidants and fiber. 

But the flesh may also trigger an upset abdomen.

That’s not even the most important concern with this fruit. The cherry pit, which may be very small and troublesome to take away, comprise cyanide. In reality, most elements of the plant – stem and leaves – comprises cyanide which is poisonous dogs in giant portions. 

A single stem and pit will not be sufficient to trigger poisoning, however why take the danger? If your dog thinks it’s okay to eat cherries, he might sneak off and eat just a few – or dozens – while you’re not wanting. 

Pits will also be choking hazards and probably trigger intestinal obstruction. 

If your dog by chance eats a cherry or two, he’ll in all probability be okay. The fruit might upset his abdomen, however it’s best to nonetheless be vigilant and looking out for signs of intestinal blockage:

Decreased urge for food

Intestinal blockage is extra prone to happen with a small dog, however it’s best to nonetheless look ahead to signs in medium and enormous dogs.

If your pup eats greater than a handful of cherries, contact your vet and look ahead to indicators of cyanide poisoning, which embrace:

Difficulty respiratory
Dilated pupils
Red gums

What About Maraschino Cherries?

Maraschino cherries don’t have pits, so you could assume that the sort of cherry is secure for dogs. However, maraschino cherries comprise plenty of sugar, which might result in weight acquire, weight problems and diabetes in dogs.

Generally talking, vets advise in opposition to feeding dogs any type of canned fruit as a result of they comprise a lot sugar and preservatives. 

Fresh cherries which were de-pitted and had their stems eliminated could also be a greater possibility for dogs, however why take the possibility? There are many different fruits on the market which are more healthy and safer for dogs, together with:

Pitted apples
Peeled mangoes 
Watermelon (seedless)

Blueberries are an particularly good deal with, as they pack plenty of vitamins in a small berry that’s naturally low in sugar. 

Fruits, whereas they provide many well being advantages, aren’t a part of a dog’s pure weight loss program. With the dangers outweighing the advantages, it’s higher to avoid cherries as treats on your pup.



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