Can Dogs Eat Cantaloupe


A cool deal with for a sizzling summer time day, cantaloupe is a wholesome human deal with. But is it protected for dogs? Many fruits, as you most likely know, aren’t protected for dogs to eat. Others provide fairly just a few well being advantages. It may be tough to maintain observe of all of the protected and unsafe fruits for dogs.

Where does cantaloupe fall? Is it protected or unsafe?

Can Dogs Eat Cantaloupe?

Yes. This tasty melon is completely protected for dogs to eat sparsely and may even assist preserve your dog hydrated on a sizzling summer time day. Even the seeds of the cantaloupe are okay for dogs eat (though they’ll nonetheless be choking hazards).

The Health Benefits of Cantaloupe

Fruit ought to by no means exchange your dog’s common meals, however sure fruits, like cantaloupe, can provide supplemental well being advantages.

Cantaloupe is wealthy in fiber, folate, niacin, potassium and nutritional vitamins A, B6 and C. It’s low in energy and excessive in water content material which will help re-hydrate your pup within the warmth.

Vitamins A and C are potent antioxidants that assist battle free radical harm, which slows getting older, promotes wholesome cell operate and even reduces the chance of sure ailments. 

The excessive fiber and water content material of the fruit additionally helps promote wholesome bowel operate, which might forestall dehydration and constipation.

Cantaloupe is usually a nice different to traditional dog treats, and may normally be served – sparsely – with none points.

The Potential Dangers of Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe is usually a wholesome deal with for dogs, however there are some potential dangers related to this fruit. 

Cantaloupe rinds may cause gastrointestinal points and, doubtlessly, turn into impacted in your dog’s intestines. Rinds may also be a choking hazard. It’s essential to solely feed your dog the flesh of the cantaloupe.

Just like with another fruit, cantaloupe ought to solely be fed sparsely. Although low in energy, this melon is excessive in sugar which might result in weight achieve, weight problems and diabetes. 

Most dogs can tolerate this fruit, however some can’t and will expertise diarrhea or vomiting. Try feeding your pup a chunk or two of this melon to gauge his response. If you discover any opposed uncomfortable side effects, it could be higher to take away cantaloupe out of your dog’s weight-reduction plan. 

Also, watch out when feeding your dog cantaloupe from a blended fruit salad. These salads typically comprise grapes and different fruits that may be dangerous or poisonous to dogs. Make positive that you just’re solely feeding him the flesh of the melon. 



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