Calcium in Homemade Dog Food


If you feed your dog a home-prepared weight loss plan, and you don’t embody a supply of calcium, you may be significantly endangering your dog’s well being. The substances proven listed here are the idea of a really nutritious diet – however with out the bottom eggshell added in, the weight loss plan can be incomplete and imbalanced.

If requested the most typical mistake folks make when feeding their dogs a home made weight loss plan, I’d should say that it’s not including calcium. This error is just not solely widespread, it’s additionally harmful, particularly for puppies, however for grownup dogs as nicely when too little calcium is given long run. Giving an inappropriate quantity of calcium (both an excessive amount of or too little) may cause orthopedic issues in rising puppies, particularly large-breed puppies throughout the first six months when they’re rising the quickest. But giving too little calcium can result in bone illness and extra in grownup dogs, too.

It’s not stunning to me that many individuals don’t understand the significance of including calcium when feeding a home made weight loss plan. Most of the home made weight loss plan recipes I’ve seen on-line make no point out of added calcium. I reviewed greater than 30 books on home made diets for WDJ some years in the past.1 Of the 24 books I reviewed that weren’t completely about feeding a uncooked weight loss plan that features bones, solely 10 included satisfactory calcium tips!

Why Calcium is Important in Dog Nutrition

I’m conscious that some individuals who feed home-prepared diets depend on annual blood exams to point whether or not their dogs are receiving sufficient calcium; they assume that if their dogs’ blood calcium ranges are regular, the dogs have to be getting the correct amount of calcium in their weight loss plan. Unfortunately, this isn’t true.

For each dogs and people, the physique should preserve calcium ranges in the blood inside a particular vary to stop severe well being points, together with lack of muscle management, seizures, and even loss of life. Adult dogs are capable of management their blood calcium ranges by absorbing a larger or lesser share of dietary calcium, relying on the quantity fed, although this may be impacted by the quantity of vitamin D in the weight loss plan as nicely, as vitamin D promotes calcium absorption. Note that puppies shouldn’t have the flexibility to manage their absorption of calcium earlier than puberty, and thus can undergo the unfavourable results of too little or an excessive amount of calcium and vitamin D in a short time.

31feedingdinahtreats - Calcium in Homemade Dog FoodCalories from treats, chews, and shared snacks can add up shortly, particularly for small dogs and sofa potatoes, unbalancing no matter kind of weight loss plan you feed. Limit treats to wholesome meals in small quantities. Dogs are happier to get two or three tiny treats than one massive one!

Dogs (and people) additionally management their blood calcium ranges by storing calcium in bones, then drawing it again out when wanted – after they aren’t getting sufficient calcium in their weight loss plan. When grownup dogs are given too little calcium for lengthy durations (like months), they develop a situation referred to as dietary secondary hyperparathyroidism. In this case, the physique produces extra parathyroid hormone to attract wanted calcium from their bones, which may additionally outcome in elevated ranges of phosphorus in the blood.

Parathyroid hormone is totally totally different from thyroid hormones; the title is given as a result of the parathyroid glands are situated adjoining to the thyroid glands. Parathyroid hormones are liable for regulating calcium and phosphorus ranges in the blood. Hyperparathyroidism (an excessive amount of parathyroid hormone) can be brought on by a tumor on one of many parathyroid glands (major hyperparathyroidism) or by superior kidney illness (renal secondary hyperparathyroidism). Nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism is often linked to a deficiency of calcium, generally mixed with too little vitamin D.

When the physique produces an excessive amount of parathyroid hormone, it causes demineralization of the bones, which can outcome in lameness, bone ache, swelling, stiffness or limping, not wanting to maneuver, and even spontaneous fractures. Adult dogs could develop spinal deformities, unfastened enamel, or neurological indicators. Puppies usually tend to develop deformities in their legs and joints that will depart them unable to stroll usually. If the situation is just not corrected shortly, it may result in long-term orthopedic issues.

Now that I’ve scared the pants off you about offering the correct amount of calcium in your dog’s home made weight loss plan – a minimum of, I hope I did! – what sort of calcium do you have to add, and the way a lot is the correct amount?

When You DON’T Need to Add Calcium to Your Dog’s Food

Never add calcium to industrial diets which might be “complete and balanced” – these already comprise the correct amount of calcium! Adding calcium to a “complete and balanced” weight loss plan can be notably harmful for large-breed puppies.

However, most home made diets require added calcium with just a few notable exceptions. DO NOT add calcium to a home-prepared weight loss plan if:

You feed a uncooked weight loss plan that features uncooked meaty bones (RMBs) — components corresponding to hen and turkey necks the place the bone is totally consumed. Bones are excessive in calcium and phosphorus; there’s no want so as to add calcium to a weight loss plan that features a minimum of 25 to 30 p.c RMBs. You use a complement that’s particularly designed to finish and stability a home made weight loss plan, corresponding to these made by Balance IT and Just Food For Dogs. You use a dog meals “base mix,” corresponding to these made by The Honest Kitchen and Sojo’s, that you just mix with your individual added protein supply in line with the product instructions.

When utilizing dietary supplements or base mixes that promise to finish a home made weight loss plan, make sure that the product features a full dietary evaluation exhibiting acceptable quantities of calcium. Don’t settle for the verbal assurances of the corporate’s house owners or representatives, or these of pet meals retailer workers; if they will’t or received’t offer you full dietary analyses of their merchandise, we’d not depend on these merchandise for something greater than an occasional meal.

Following Calcium Guidelines

With only a few exceptions (see “When You Don’t Need to Add Calcium,” above), that you must add calcium to your dog’s home made weight loss plan.

Calcium tips might be decided in a number of other ways, together with the physique weight of the dog, the dry matter share of the meals, and the energy that the dog wants. Each has its personal problems:

Small dogs eat extra and have larger dietary wants for his or her weight than massive dogs do, so you may’t use linear tips corresponding to “give x amount per 10 pounds of body weight.” Any time you see linear feeding directions, it’s a purple flag that whoever is giving the directions doesn’t perceive vitamin.The quantity of moisture (water) in meals can differ from about 10 p.c or much less in dry meals (kibble, dehydrated, freeze-dried) to 80 per p.c or extra in moist meals (canned, recent, frozen, uncooked, cooked). You should convert the “as fed” meals weight to dry matter (DM) in order to provide tips based mostly on how a lot meals is fed. Dry matter percentages received’t change a lot if you convert from “as fed” for dry meals, however are often three to 5 instances as a lot because the “as fed” share for moist meals. Also, as a result of we feed dogs much less of high-fat, calorie-dense meals, changes must be made for meals with greater than four,000 kcal/kg DM.Calculating dietary necessities based mostly on the variety of energy your dog wants is the best technique, however comes with some warnings as nicely. Caloric wants will differ based mostly in your dog’s exercise stage, metabolism, and extra. The correct quantity to feed will even be affected by what number of energy your dog will get from treats, chews, leftovers, and different sources. In explicit, inactive dogs who eat much less meals for his or her weight than can be anticipated ought to get most of their energy from a balanced weight loss plan in order to keep away from dietary deficiencies.

The National Research Council (NRC) issued up to date dietary tips for dogs in 2006. They suggest feeding grownup dogs a minimum of 1 mg of calcium per Calorie (kcal), which is similar as 1 gram (1,000 mg) per 1,000 kcal (Mcal).

The dietary tips revealed by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), which have been lastly modified in 2016 to replicate the most recent NRC suggestions, elevated this to 1.25 mg calcium/kcal (1.25 grams/Mcal).

On a dry matter foundation, that’s four to five grams of calcium per kilogram of meals on a dry matter foundation, or zero.four to zero.5 p.c DM.

One different issue impacts how a lot calcium your dog wants: phosphorus. There ought to all the time be a minimum of as a lot calcium as phosphorus in the weight loss plan, as much as twice as a lot for wholesome dogs (or thrice as a lot for dogs with kidney illness).

Most home made diets that I’ve checked out have between zero.5 and 1.25 mg phosphorus per kcal, so giving 1.25 mg calcium per kcal will present most dogs with an acceptable quantity of calcium and a correct calcium:phosphorus ratio.

You might want to know what number of energy your dog is prone to want, based mostly on his ultimate weight – not his precise weight. See Table I on the subsequent web page for the approximate quantities of calcium so as to add to home made diets for dogs of assorted sizes and varied exercise ranges in order to offer 1.25 mg of calcium per kcal. While nutrient wants don’t differ by exercise stage, dogs who eat extra meals want extra calcium in order to stability out the quantity of phosphorus in the weight loss plan.

At minimal, give the bottom quantity of calcium proven in your dog’s ultimate weight, even for those who discover that that you must feed fewer energy than proven to maintain your dog at a correct, lean weight. If it’s essential to feed rather a lot much less to assist your dog reduce weight or stop your dog from gaining undesirable weight, it’s time to chop again on the variety of energy your dog will get from different sources.

The quantity of calcium you give doesn’t must be actual. It’s fantastic to provide rather less or slightly extra calcium than proven. Most industrial diets for grownup dogs that I’ve checked out have between 2 and three mg of calcium per kcal (diets designed for puppies or for “all life stages” could have much more). These diets even have an equivalently larger quantity of phosphorus.

If you feed a weight loss plan that’s half industrial, half home made, regulate the calcium quantities proven in Table I appropriately. For instance, for those who feed half home made, give half the quantity of calcium proven.

Calcium for Puppies is Trickier

All of those tips are for grownup dogs solely. Puppies are trickier. NRC and AAFCO agree that puppies want a minimum of three mg of calcium per Calorie (thrice the quantity of calcium that grownup dogs want on a caloric foundation).

The most quantity of calcium that puppies ought to get is four.5 mg per kcal (four.5 g/Mcal). It’s particularly essential to not give an excessive amount of calcium to large-breed puppies throughout their first six months, as they’re the group most probably to develop bone and joint abnormalities when given the flawed quantity of calcium and phosphorus.

Puppies additionally want extra phosphorus than grownup dogs do. Never add plain calcium to a pet’s home made weight loss plan. Puppies want bone meal or another kind of complement that gives each calcium and phosphorus, in order to offer the correct quantity and ratio of calcium to phosphorus.

32nova and sibDSC 0092 - Calcium in Homemade Dog Food

What Form of Calcium Should You Give Your Dog?

There are many types of calcium that may be added to your home-prepared weight loss plan to fulfill your dog’s necessities. Any type of plain calcium, with out different substances corresponding to vitamin D, is ok. Dogs do want vitamin D, however since dogs want extra calcium however no more vitamin D than folks do, the quantity of vitamin D that you’d find yourself giving when utilizing a mix product can be too excessive.

Calcium carbonate is often the most cost effective and the simplest to provide, because it has extra elemental calcium than most different calcium compounds, so you will want so as to add much less powder to the meals.

One simple means to offer calcium is to make use of eggshells which were washed, dried, and floor to powder in a clear espresso grinder or blender. One massive eggshell will make about one stage teaspoon of eggshell powder weighing 5.5 grams; this may present roughly 2,000 mg calcium:

1/eight teaspoon eggshell powder gives about 250 mg calcium
1/four tsp = 500 mg
three⁄eight tsp = 750 mg
half tsp = 1,000 mg
5/eight tsp = 1,250 mg
three/four tsp = 1,500 mg
7⁄eight tsp = 1,750 mg
1 tsp = 2,000 mg

Some folks like to provide their dogs entire eggs with the shell, however I don’t assume that’s a great way to make sure that your dog will get the correct amount of calcium. The calcium in eggshells that haven’t been floor to powder might not be absorbed, notably for those who discover any bits of shell in your dog’s stool. If it’s absorbed, chances are you’ll find yourself giving an excessive amount of calcium, particularly to smaller dogs.

It’s okay to provide a dog a complete egg, together with the shell, as a deal with every now and then, however when utilizing eggshells to offer dietary calcium wanted to stability out a home made weight loss plan, it’s most secure to grind the shells to a powder.

If you employ a calcium complement that additionally consists of phosphorus, corresponding to bone meal powder or dicalcium phosphate, you’ll have to give extra calcium than for those who use a plain calcium complement in order to maintain the calcium:phosphorus ratio in the correct vary. To decide how a lot to provide, it’s essential to first subtract the quantity of phosphorus from the quantity of calcium, then use the remaining quantity of “extra” calcium to calculate how a lot to provide based mostly on Table I.

34table1 - Calcium in Homemade Dog FoodTable I: Calcium Supplementation Goal: 1.25 mg Calcium per kcal Fed to Adult Dogs

For instance, if the bone meal complement you’re utilizing has 800 mg calcium and 300 mg phosphorus per teaspoon, there’s 500 mg “extra” calcium to make use of to calculate how a lot to provide. If your dog wants 1,000 mg calcium added to his weight loss plan based mostly on Table I, you would wish to provide two teaspoons of bone meal powder (500 mg additional calcium per teaspoon) in order to offer an acceptable quantity of calcium whereas making certain that the calcium:phosphorus ratio stays in the correct vary.

Note that bone meal merchandise designed for people could not inform you the precise quantity of calcium and phosphorus they supply, however will as a substitute offer you percentages of every day beneficial values for adults.

For instance, NOW Foods Bone Meal Powder says that 1 stage teaspoon gives 80 p.c of the beneficial every day quantity (RDA) for calcium, and 30 p.c of the RDA for phosphorus. The RDA for each calcium and phosphorus for people has been 1,000 mg (1 gram), so 80 p.c can be 800 mg and 30 p.c can be 300 mg.

This calculation will quickly turn out to be extra sophisticated, nevertheless, because the FDA just lately elevated these beneficial quantities to 1,300 mg calcium and 1,250 mg phosphorus. New labels should replicate this transformation by July 2020. If NOW Foods doesn’t change their formulation, the identical product would now present that it gives 62 p.c RDA for calcium and 24 p.c RDA for phosphorus.

Many bone meal merchandise present about twice as a lot calcium as phosphorus. In this case, you may simply double the calcium suggestions proven in Table I to find out how a lot to provide.

If you employ bone meal powder to offer calcium, search for manufacturers which were examined to point out that they comprise low ranges of lead. Never use bone meal merchandise supposed for fertilizer.

Dolomite is one other kind of calcium complement that will comprise unacceptably excessive ranges of lead.

Plant-based calcium dietary supplements present appreciable selection in the quantity of lead they could comprise; contact the corporate to ask for take a look at outcomes earlier than utilizing one in every of these dietary supplements every day.

Again, these tips are just for dogs who’re fed a home made weight loss plan that lacks an satisfactory supply of calcium, corresponding to uncooked meaty bones or a complement designed to stability a home made weight loss plan. There’s much more to feeding a home made weight loss plan that we’ll attempt to handle in future articles, however getting the calcium proper is a giant step in the correct route of feeding an entire and balanced weight loss plan.

Mary Straus is the proprietor of She and her mixed-breed, Willow, dwell in the San Francisco Bay Area.



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