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One of probably the most pressing points dealing with homeowners on this nation at the moment is the spike within the variety of instances of canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), particularly in breeds that shouldn’t have an inherited greater threat of creating the situation. I’ve been discussing the difficulty with board-certified veterinary nutritionists and representatives of pet meals firms and can have an replace for you quickly. In the meantime, I really feel compelled to repeat one bit of recommendation that I give in (I believe) each overview of meals I’ve ever written for WDJ:

Don’t feed the identical meals each month. Don’t feed the identical kind of meals each month! Switch firms!

Forgive the repetition if you’re a long-time reader of WDJ; you might be conscious we’ve been saying this endlessly. Newer subscribers may not have heard it earlier than.

There is a persistent fantasy that if you happen to swap your dog’s meals too rapidly, or too regularly, you’ll “upset the dog’s stomach.” This fantasy nearly certainly originated from pet meals firms many years in the past; they had been little doubt attempting to construct their shoppers’ loyalty to their model whereas providing an answer to an issue that they’d created – the truth that you may upset a dog’s digestive tract if you happen to feed him the identical food regimen (and nothing else) for months and months after which all of the sudden give him one thing very completely different. What they failed to inform dog homeowners was that feeding their dogs completely different meals on a regular basis – switching diets regularly – is extra “natural” for dogs; they’re completely suited to consuming a diverse food regimen. Imposing an unnaturally slender food regimen on them begs for issues to develop.

If you’ve got a dog with a confirmed allergy to or intolerance of a number of elements, discovering quite a lot of merchandise that don’t worsen his specific system may be difficult. But the very fact stays that selection itself doesn’t harm your dog. And, importantly, regularly altering the meals you purchase in your dog – switching amongst varieties but in addition amongst completely different firms – very doubtless might have prevented most of the instances of DCM being related to particular diets.

I’m monitoring many on-line teams dedicated to this subject, and have seen it a whole lot of occasions: “I have been feeding my dog ‘Brand X’ for the past three years, and now he’s been diagnosed with DCM! Brand X is a terrible company!” In many instances, affected dogs are bettering with dietary modifications, however I’d hate to see the homeowners merely swap timeless loyalty to a unique firm!

The truth is, feeding the identical kind of merchandise from the identical firm 12 months in and 12 months out is placing your dog’s well being solely in that firm’s palms. There isn’t any single firm I’d belief my whole lifetime of diet to; why can we anticipate this from any pet meals firm for our dogs?



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