Bravecto for Dogs: Paws Up or Down?


Every dog proprietor is aware of that fleas and ticks are dangerous information for a beloved pet. Without common safety, your dog can shortly change into infested with these pests that may chunk and transmit ailments to your dog and your loved ones.

A flea infestation in your dog can shortly change into an enormous drawback for your house atmosphere. Fast breeding and tough to stamp out, the important thing to making sure your house doesn’t change into a haven for fleas is to not permit them to reside in your dog.

Bravecto for dogs is a chewable pill that delivers 12 weeks of flea and tick safety. In this overview of Bravecto for dogs, I’ll go over how the product works, unwanted effects, security considerations, the place to purchase it, and whether or not or not I give this product “Paws Up or Down.”

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Bravecto Rating

Bravecto is a singular product in flea and tick safety as a result of its chemical make-up kills energetic infestations and prevents future infestations.

Bravecto incorporates fluralaner, an energetic ingredient that kills grownup and juvenile fleas in addition to a wide range of ticks together with the black-legged, brown dog, American dog, and Lone Star. Unlike Bravecto, most flea and tick drugs solely work to cease the copy of fleas and ticks slightly than to kill fleas and ticks already on the dog.

Bravecto is a prescription medicine so with a purpose to get it, you should have approval out of your vet. Many veterinarians suggest and prescribe Bravecto for one easy purpose: it really works.

When I began trying into the critiques for Bravecto for dogs, a typical thread amongst pet house owners is how straightforward the product is to manage; as a chewable pill, dogs readily gobble it down.

The chewable is so a lot better than a topical product. I’ve used the so-called “spot on” merchandise previously and it was at all times a large number and has an disagreeable odor!

If I can handle to get my dog to remain nonetheless for lengthy sufficient to squirt the entire therapy onto the appropriate spot between the shoulder blades, invariably she shakes proper after and sends the liquid working down the ridge of her again. Naturally, she follows that up laying on her again in her mattress or on the carpet, wiggling round to scratch the offending tickle and the therapy will get rubbed off.

I additionally marvel how efficient the product shall be when she has wiped a lot of it off. Worse nonetheless, I’ve younger children in the home and I don’t need them touching her and getting the therapy on their fingers or our bodies.

Many of the critiques for Bravecto flea and tick safety additionally spotlight the comfort of the dosing which lasts  12 full weeks. Having to offer a dose each three months as a substitute of each single month may be very good and might prevent cash, too.

Bravecto can be utilized in dogs as younger as 6 months outdated weighing at the very least Four.Four kilos and is taken into account protected for pregnant, breeding, and lactating dogs. Speak to your vet a few flea and tick answer that may work greatest for your smaller or youthful pup.

Like all flea and tick drugs, Bravecto is prescribed to your dog within the applicable energy based mostly in your dog’s weight. The heavier your dog, the upper the focus of the energetic ingredient current within the drug.

Bravecto and corresponding concentrations of Fluralaner are damaged down within the following dosage classes:

Product Name Price on Chewy.comDescription
Bravecto Chews for Dogs, Four.Four-9.9 lbs, 1 therapy$52.49Toy Dog formulation for dogs weighing Four.Four-9.9 kilos incorporates 112.5 mg of Fluralaner
Bravecto Chews for Dogs, 9.9-22 lbs, 1 therapyBravecto Chews for Dogs 9.9 22 lbs 1 treatment - Bravecto for Dogs: Paws Up or Down?$52.49Small Dog formulation for dogs weighing 9.9-22 kilos incorporates 250 mg of Fluralaner
Bravecto Chews for Dogs, 22-44 lbs, 1 therapyBravecto Chews for Dogs 22 44 lbs 1 treatment - Bravecto for Dogs: Paws Up or Down?$52.49Medium Dog formulation for dogs weighing 22-44 kilos incorporates 500 mg of Fluralaner
Bravecto Chews for Dogs, 44-88 lbs, 1 therapyBravecto Chews for Dogs 44 88 lbs 1 treatment - Bravecto for Dogs: Paws Up or Down?$52.49Large Dog formulation for dogs weighing 44-88 kilos incorporates 1000 mg of Fluralaner
Bravecto Chews for Dogs, 88-123 lbs, 1 therapyBravecto Chews for Dogs 88 123 lbs 1 treatment - Bravecto for Dogs: Paws Up or Down?$52.49Additional Large Dog formulation for dogs weighing 88-123 kilos incorporates 1400 mg of Fluralaner

If you miss a dose of Bravecto all you must do is give the chew to your dog straight away. Mark your calendar for the following dose to be given 12 weeks later slightly than sticking to the outdated schedule. 

When trying out Bravecto flea and tick critiques I seen that many dog house owners started utilizing this product after a yard or pet infestation was in full swing. When your dog is being attacked by fleas or ticks in massive numbers, it’s depressing for each member of the household and also you need aid, quick.

Bravecto kills better than 98% of energetic fleas, each adolescent and grownup, in your dog inside 12 hours. It kills 100% of ticks in your dog inside 12 hours.

We all know that flea bites itch and might make delicate dogs get away in rashes and scorching spots and that each fleas and ticks carry some actually nasty ailments that you simply all need to keep away from. Bravecto critiques state that the product begins working actually quick, serving to to get an infestation below management shortly.

For a interval of 12 full weeks after therapy with Bravecto, you possibly can count on your dog to have a 98.eight% discount in fleas. Those are some critically spectacular outcomes and an enormous aid to an infested dog and her household.

It’s essential to notice that within the case of yard or dwelling infestation, you’ll have to search the help of a pest management firm to do away with the issue. If you solely deal with your pet, your own home and yard can stay infested which is a well being concern to you and your loved ones.

Is Bravecto Safe?

Bravecto is taken into account protected for most dogs. Vets in every single place suggest this flea and tick answer as a result of it’s protected, efficient, and straightforward to make use of.

Bravecto has been authorized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This implies that the drug has been examined and that the advantages of the medicine outweigh the dangers in taking it.

A discipline examine was additionally carried out on 294 dogs to find out if Bravecto is protected. In that examine, the most typical aspect impact skilled was vomiting and no severe adversarial reactions have been reported.

Given that some dogs have skilled seizures as a aspect impact with Bravecto, it is extremely essential that you simply inform your vet in case your dog has any historical past of seizures. With a historical past of seizures, it might be greatest to make use of a special flea and tick answer.

There will not be any identified adversarial interactions between Bravecto and different medication. Nonetheless, it’s at all times greatest to inform your vet of all present drugs your dog is taking earlier than beginning a brand new one.

Bravecto Side Effects

As with practically any medicine, there’s a danger of some unwanted effects. Bravecto has been studied extensively to obtain FDA approval however the next unwanted effects have been reported with using Bravecto:

FlatulenceVomitingDiarrheaIncreased thirstDecreased appetiteLethargy/weaknessSeizures

Obviously, seizures are severe and the danger of this aspect impact can’t be ignored. If your dog experiences seizures after taking Bravecto, take them to the vet instantly.

The different unwanted effects are disagreeable however actually not life- threatening. If your dog has any of those milder unwanted effects after taking Bravecto, discuss to your vet and get a advice.

Where Can I Get Bravecto?

You should have a sound prescription out of your dog’s vet to purchase Bravecto. This flea and tick medication could be bought immediately by means of your vet or by means of a specialty pet retailer like

In some Bravecto critiques, customers point out that this medication is priced larger than its opponents. Bravecto solely needs to be utilized each 12 weeks, not each month, so over time it will probably truly value much less, particularly if you happen to benefit from gross sales and reductions with on-line retailers.

Bravecto for Dogs: Paws Up or Down? 

I gave Bravecto Four stars and an enormous “paws up!” The product is FDA authorized, very efficient, fast-acting, and straightforward to manage, nevertheless it has a better preliminary price ticket than opponents.

Final Word

Bravecto is exclusive in that it provides dog house owners an answer to energetic flea and tick infestations in a straightforward to manage, handy, 12-week dose. Although some unwanted effects have been reported, that’s true for any drug and research have proven that the drug is protected for most dogs.

If your dog has a historical past of seizures, Bravecto might be not the only option for you. For most dogs, nonetheless, this drug is protected and really efficient at ridding your dog of fleas and ticks.

If you have an interest in Bravecto for your dog, discuss to your vet to see if the medicine is an efficient match. Vets in every single place suggest Bravecto to cease fleas and ticks of their tracks.



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