Autistic Dogs: Can Dogs Have Autism?


On a couple of event, individuals have requested me if my dog is autistic. Charlotte, a former road dog, has behavioral particular wants, and I’ve misplaced monitor of how many individuals have requested upon assembly her, “Is she ever going to be normal?”

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I like to make use of these moments as probabilities to open up dialog about neurodiversity in dogs: some expertise trauma and nervousness and wish behavioral administration, and never all dogs course of trauma the identical method. My dog Charlotte has come a great distance. She has psychiatric drugs that assist her with a few of her largest triggers, day by day coaching, and behavioral administration that each one work to present her an enriching, high-quality life.

Though Charlotte’s behavioral challenges are most likely attributable to her rising up on the streets, these conversations at all times get me pondering, “can dogs be autistic?” The knowledgeable opinion is…possibly.

Does Autism Exist in Dogs?

Dr. Valli Parthasarathy, PhD, DVM, ACVB Resident and co-founder of Synergy Behavior Solutions in Portland, Oregon,explains that right now autism shouldn’t be a behavioral situation acknowledged in dogs. This is partly as a result of there has not but been sufficient analysis into the standard and atypical habits in dogs for that form of analysis to be given.

Dr. Parthasarathy went on to elucidate that sooner or later this may occasionally change, and there’s a chance we may see diagnoses of autism in dogs. “As we are learning more about the complexities of canine neurology, behavior and neurodiversity, the more information there is to help dogs. As we learn more, we may be able to start more finely characterizing different behavioral disorders. We may find that autism is a condition in dogs as it is in people.”

Research on Autism in Dogs

Although autism shouldn’t be right now one thing dogs can obtain a analysis for, there’s analysis being achieved into autism-like behaviors in dogs.

Dr. Parthasarathy explains, “According to the Mayo Clinic website, children with autism have two key characteristics: difficulty with social interactions and communication, and repetitive behaviors.”

Studies have noticed comparable habits in dogs. “For example, recently Tufts Veterinary Behaviorist Nick Dodman presented a study in which he assessed the behavior of 132 English Bull Terriers and found patterns of repetitive behavior (tail chasing), trancelike behavior, and episodic aggression similar to what can be seen in autistic children,” continues Dr. Parthasarathy.

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Is Your Dog Autistic?

If you’ve gotten questioned in case your dog could be autistic, you aren’t alone. A wide range of behavioral challenges exhibited by dogs could also be interpreted by their guardians as a type of autism. Dr. Parthasarathy explains, “When my clients ask me about whether their dogs are autistic, they are often referring to dogs that are not responsive to doing what they ask, and dogs that appear to become overstimulated in new environments, are performing repetitive behaviors or may be aggressive.”

A medical situation is at all times a potential underlier when dogs expertise extreme behavioral points like aggression or obsessive licking. Canine compulsive dysfunction is one other potential rationalization on your dog’s challenges. At one time, dogs who exhibited repetitive, compulsive habits have been thought to have obsessive-compulsive dysfunction (OCD), however consultants within the animal habits neighborhood have since recognized the situation in dogs to be distinctly separate from that present in individuals.

Again, autism shouldn’t be but a analysis that may be given to dogs. Autism-like signs similar to repetitive habits or episodic aggression will be very difficult for dog guardians to grasp and safely handle within the dwelling, and it might be tempting to place the autism label on a dog if it matches. But Dr. Parthasarathy explains detailed historical past of the dog is important for professionals to give you a analysis. “Many of my patients who present to me with these signs have underlying generalized anxiety that needs to be addressed,” she says.

Dogs who’ve nervousness problems might exhibit signs that their house owners interpret as autism and diagnose themselves. But in actuality, “anxiety in general can affect a dog’s ability to learn, problem-solve, retain and recall information,” describes Dr. Parthasarathy.

What to Do if Your Dog Shows Signs of Autism

If you assume that your dog could be autistic, or in case your dog is displaying behaviors that appear to be the results of an autism-like situation, it’s a good suggestion to make an appointment along with your main care veterinarian. Dr. Parthasarathy explains that many circumstances associated to orthopedic, neurologic, gastrointestinal and dermatological points may end up in dogs being unresponsive to cues, or exhibiting trance-like, extreme sensitivity or repetitive behaviors.

If your veterinarian guidelines out any bodily circumstances, they could refer you to a veterinary habits diplomate or resident for analysis and therapy. “Treatment for these behavioral conditions can be complex and may involve the use of behavioral medications as well as a comprehensive management and behavior modification plan,” explains Dr. Parthasarathy.

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There are fewer than 100 behavioral diplomats or residents within the United States, so this isn’t an choice out there to all dog house owners relying on the place you reside. Many canine habits consultants are ready and prepared to seek the advice of with main proactive veterinarians to assist particular person sufferers, nonetheless.

Dr. Parthasarathy additionally suggested it’s a good suggestion to start working with a constructive reinforcement, reward-based coach. Find a coach who has expertise working with dogs who’ve behavioral considerations; a great coach needs to be a part of the therapy crew for any dog who could also be exhibiting autism-like behaviors. Correcting or punishing undesirable behaviors in dogs with extreme behavioral issues can truly make the issue worse or trigger different new downside behaviors to come up.

There aren’t any quick solutions for working with dogs who’ve what could be thought-about autism-like behaviors. Dr. Parthasarathy cautions that, “dogs with behavioral disorders are not trying to be ‘stubborn’, ‘dominant’, or trying to ‘get away’ with things. People who live with these dogs are generally doing the best that they can. Having compassion for dogs with problem behavior, as well as their people, is an important step towards helping them.”

If you assume your dog could be autistic, a very powerful factor is to like your dog, and decide to discovering skilled assist to satisfy your dog the place they’re at this stage of their growth. Be mild along with your dog and your self. Just like we’re getting higher at accepting neurodiversity in individuals, I hope that as a society we are going to develop to grasp that not all dogs expertise and react to the world in the identical methods.

Sassafras Lowreyis an award-winning creator and Certified Trick Dog Instructor. Sassafras’ forthcoming books embody: Tricks IN THE CITY: For Daring Dogs and the Humans That Love Them, Healing/Heeling, and Bedtime Stories for Rescue Dogs: William To The Rescue. Learn extra at



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