An Ill-Advised Weight-Loss Program: Bowser’s Story


Overweight and senior dogs are at
elevated threat of warmth stress. Weight
loss have to be undertaken slowly.

Bowser was a candy, lovable, and really fats Beagle. Instead of weighing a wholesome 30 kilos, he was a whopping 50. Bowser’s veterinarian examined him in June and prescribed weight reduction. It was really helpful to his proprietor that Bowser’s meals be modified to a metabolic weight-reduction plan, he cease receiving hourly treats, and he begin exercising.

His well-meaning proprietor felt horrible. He hadn’t realized that Bowser was so obese. Determined to assist his canine good friend get in form, he took Bowser on a run. Unfortunately, Bowser, in contrast to his proprietor, was not a runner. He was terribly out of form. He saved up gamely for the primary mile, however someplace within the second, he collapsed. It was, in any case, June within the southern U.S.

Bowser got here to our ER on a stretcher. He was panting uncontrollably, stretched out on his facet. He had been vomiting, and he had severely bloody diarrhea. His stomach was coated with shiny crimson spots. The thermometer learn 111 levels.

Our emergency group jumped into motion instantly. An IV catheter was positioned and cooled fluids have been began. A fan was pointed at Bowser, and towel-wrapped ice packs have been positioned alongside his stomach and in his armpits. An oxygen masks crammed with ice chips was positioned over his nostril.

Bloodwork confirmed that Bowser was already severely affected. His white blood cell depend and blood sugar have been low, and his blood wasn’t clotting correctly. His liver and kidney values had already shot up because of the shock and organ injury, making his prognosis guarded. His proprietor was devastated. He had by no means supposed to trigger his dog any hurt, and he advised us to do no matter we would have liked to do to save lots of his good friend.

Bowser spent 4 days within the hospital with intensive care. He was given two plasma transfusions, many liters of fluids, and saved on antibiotics. Despite how severely he was affected, Bowser recovered. After 4 days, he went residence along with his loving and grateful proprietor to start his weight reduction journey at a a lot slower tempo!



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